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Thank you for joining me, 

Let’s walk a few steps together side by side on this journey.

Because we’re all on a sacred journey, although not all of us are conscious of it.


I've discovered that it is very easy to be heading down the wrong path.

It was a humbling experience.

I felt like 'I'd been had'

The spiritual world is not all 'love and light'

We can easily make the wrong choices 

I feel passionate about warning others about the risks.

Join me on this Sacred Path and

learn how to protect yourself spiritually;

discover your sacred purpose;

and embark on your sacred ministry.

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SG Sacred Knowing

An Essential Video Course

for the Spiritual Person

Spiritural Protection

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Spiritural Protection

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Many of us naively dabble in all kinds of

spiritual practices. Everyone from the 

very experienced to those just embarking on

their spiritual journey.

But we don't necessarily know the rules or the consequences.

If you are already, or are thinking of, exploring the spiritual realm,

then you need to know this:

During this essential course on Spiritual Protection you will discover:

Types of supernatural entities to be wary of

That there are false light beings deliberately deceiving people

How we unknowingly open doors and portals to them

How they interfere in our daily lives

The problems they cause us

The role of Jesus in the Supernatural Realm

How we protect ourselves from spiritual interference

What you will learn

  • The key types of negative entities 

  • How to spot a false light entity

  • How we send invitations, open doors and portals to them

  • How they interfere with us and the problems they cause

  • The role of Jesus in the Supernatural Realm

  • How we protect ourselves

This course is ideal if you:

  • Are open-minded and interested in learning more about the spiritual realm

  • Engage in spiritual practices such as oracle cards, meditation, yoga or astral travel

  • Want to understand more about the risks and benefits in the spiritual realm

  • Have ever received 'messages' from spiritual beings or from your 'higher self' 

  • Are exploring spiritual truths

  • Want to know how to protect yourself during spiritual warfare

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“I was stunned as I listened to inmates report their "voices" telling them which houses to break into, when the occupants were up, where to find valuables in the home and when the police were about to show up. It was the stuff of which science fiction movies were made and had I not heard hundreds of such stories myself I would not have believed it." 


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