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On a mission to bring the Sacred back into the world

– in its rightful place, front and centre in everything we do.

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Infinite Love Sacred Path

I felt a deep calling to start writing and sharing my insights on what I call the ‘Infinite Love Sacred Path’.

(My name for the spiritual path I follow – an eclectic and evolving mix of sacred principles, ancient wisdom, new insights, sacred values and spiritual tools).


I have made a deep commitment to do my sacred work,

(imperfectly – yes but doing it anyway),

share it, share what I’ve found works, what I’ve learned,

the Sacred messages I receive and also

the mistakes I make, and will no doubt continue to make!

The Infinite Love Sacred Path is a calling, a knowing, a desire to serve, a desire to know Truth and live your sacred purpose.


  • teaching ritual and ceremony which can be used to work so powerfully for ourselves, others and the Earth, 

  • guiding women and men to work with their intuition 

  • showing men and women how to connect to Divine Guidance

  • helping women and men to find their Divine purpose and calling

Specialise in

These skills and attributes have been combined to create a powerful and transformational training programme -

the Sacred Minisitry for the Sacred Celebrants of the future.

A vocational path centring around ceremony and Divinity.

I’ve been a spiritual seeker consciously on my path for the last 20 years – for the turning point see ‘Coming out of the Spiritual Closet’.

I’m a sensitive, deep thinker who loves nature and is ‘loosely’ vegan.

I have a deep desire to know Truth and an open mind willing to explore different points of view and alternative perspectives.  

I’ve experienced pure spiritual magic in my life, a sense of joy and a life full of purpose. I’ve also been through the dark night of the soul, wrestled with my demons, faced my shadow and lived to tell the tale.

It’s all part of the Sacred Adventure.

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I'll be in touch soon!

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