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2022 – A year of Love and Sacrifice

At a recent workshop* I learned that 2022 is a 6 in numerology (2+0+2+2) and 6 is associated with both ‘love’ and ‘sacrifice’.

So this year is all about giving up something you value for something you love.

Reflecting on this, I realise that this is what we always need to do to move to a higher level of consciousness. We have to surrender the ‘old’ and let go of whatever isn’t serving us to expand to the new more enlightened level.

“Letting go of what no longer serves us” sounds to me like it should be as easy as dropping some old rope or a heavy sack of potatoes, things that we’re already weary of carrying around.

However it is rarely quite that easy.

There are normally quite a few pay-offs to holding on to this old ‘baggage’…..

‘Old Baggage’

It could be a friend or partner who makes us feel special, we have lots of fun with but we know there is a lot of toxicity in the relationship. We may be swinging between feeling special and feeling undervalued, rejected or pursued, celebrated or ignored.

It could be a job that perhaps isn’t ‘that bad’. It might be ok and the pay may be really good and there may be a lot worse options out there. But it is holding us back from what we truly what to do with our lives.


Sacrifice is ‘an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy’

Reflecting on your life, think of times in the past when you have done this.

In my life, I have dropped the old to move into new territory and each time experienced an expansion of consciousness. You might identify with some of these experiences which serve as real life examples of ‘sacrifice’:

  • Alcohol! – I stopped drinking on 1st January 2011 – 01/01/11 (I didn’t intentionally choose such a master number as a date!) I was painfully sick and tired of going round in the same cyclical drinking patterns and woke up on New Year’s Day that year, hungover, jaded and with the thought ‘enough is enough’. I went and got help to sort myself out. It didn’t feel like I was letting go of ‘what no longer served’. However what I wanted was a life without the consequences of drinking too much alcohol. That became the ‘something more important’. At the same time, I was gutted to be dropping what I thought was a glamourous lifestyle of parties and champagne dinners. I honestly thought I’d never have a social life again! And in dropping the alcohol, I did have to let go of a whole lifestyle and some old friends. I went through a bleak, ‘dry’ time of transition before finding a new social life and new friends and different ways of having fun.

  • Leaving the Corporate World – I had never really thrived in the corporate world. I’d had some good jobs and some not so good ones. In my last role for the company I was with, I was working in one of the most enjoyable jobs I’d ever had. I was in a really good team with a good boss. However, I knew that I wanted to do something more meaningful and vocational. I gave up the security of a regular salary and good pay to follow my heart. I took redundancy and trained to be a multi-faith minister. I had no idea where that path would lead and I was in terrible financial fear however, it opened a whole new way of life and connected me more deeply to my spiritual journey.

  • Letting go of a dream - In 2020 I pulled out of buying an established business – something I’d been negotiating to buy for more than 6 months. I had to let go of a dream I had of running it because my heart told me it wasn’t the right direction. When I was out in nature, I started getting messages to begin running my meditation groups again and to set up my Sacred Ministry. I knew I had to let go of my business plans to do this.

Pivotal Moments

Each of these pivotal moments has felt huge and scary and part of me hasn’t wanted to let go. And yet part of me needed to let go. Looking back with hindsight it has been exactly the right thing to do. Each time, I let go, I healed old wounds, resolved old issues and moved forward.

Stepping into 2022, I’ve let go of a contract training new celebrants. Work that I love and that has given me a good income for the last 5 years. However, my heart is telling me to start running 'Sacred Purpose' workshops for people who don’t know what their calling or purpose is. So I had to let something go to make space for this.

I feel worried about finances (an old pattern for me) even though every time I have made a move like this it’s been ok. I feel like the bigger sacrifice is to let go of my fear around money and to now fully trust God (i.e. move to the more 'worthy' new level of consciousness).

That brings me to what 2022 is crucially about. Be discerning and go deep to look at what you’re really being asked to sacrifice.

What are you really being asked to sacrifice?

When we let go of something that no longer serves us, we are often ending a toxic pattern. However, this can be like closing a loop – but then starting all over again and going round in a new cycle. This is ok but somewhat repetitive. If we look back in our personal histories, how many times have we gone round the same old pattern?

Looking back on macro history we see these kind of cyclical loops: Building empires, destroying them. Wars, followed by peacetime and prosperity. Illness, disease, returning health. Wealth followed by poverty, gaining great wisdom and knowledge, losing it again. Each time a cycle ends, a new one begins. The same pattern happens over again.

2022 asks us to look at these cycles in our own lives – do we keep repeating the same patterns? Are we learning our lessons? And are they holding? For example in our relationship patterns - are we slipping back into denial and finding ourselves in the same old traps just with a different person? This can show up in all areas of life - work, money, health, family.

The way to truly change our lives, (and by doing so, this world) is to circle, round and up. So it’s not the closed circle, the revolving cycle but the spiral. In this model, we learn from our mistakes and resolve to do things differently. There is still a cyclical element however, we begin to realise when we are back in old patterns and we resolve the issues more easily. The same challenges arrive in different forms, perhaps getting subtler. However we overcome them and the old challenges disappear. New ones arrive that we are now equipped to deal with or at least we learn very fast!

The spiral offers the way out and up to new levels of consciousness. It is not a closed loop. It is the key to spiralling up to a higher level of vibration. It is the spiral staircase up to the New Earth.

*(Astrology of 2022 workshop with Gahl Sasson)

If you would like to work with me, there are three ways I can help:

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