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5 Signs You’re a Free Spirit

Last year, someone said to me ‘You’re too much of a free spirit to do that’. She was affirming a decision I’d made to walk away from something.

I admit I was really chuffed. I LIKE being called a free spirit. And I’m not used to it. It got me reflecting; What does it mean to be a free spirit?

Working in the corporate world for many years I kept my true beliefs, my true self hidden under a corporate visage. I wore the mask of a compliant, rule-keeper. I certainly never looked like a ‘free spirit’

But I've always had a rebellious streak underneath. Others around me had more of a reputation as ‘trouble-makers’; some dressed in a way that suggested they were rule breakers and free thinkers… And yet what I discovered was when it came to the crunch, they only had the appearance of ‘free spiritedness’.

This is just a small example but it showed me something – one Christmas, we were told we were not allowed to put up Christmas decorations on our desks. I asked why. I was told it was a health and safety issue. I asked why. Perplexed looks. Then someone dredged up this comment - ‘the heat from computer might set the tinsel on fire’.

Mmm. I did a quick ‘risk review’ in my head and decided this was not a big risk. Besides I wasn’t using any tinsel!

I then ‘rebelled’ and decorated mine and my colleagues’ desks with battery operated fairy lights, little trees and other such paraphernalia. My colleagues were genuinely scared about breaking the rules. ‘But it’s a stupid, pointless rule!’ I exclaimed. It takes the fun out of life. This did nothing to reassure the general conformists or even the usual ‘troublemakers’ and out-spoken ones.

So I told them, that if anyone from Health & Safety came along I would take the blame and full responsibility. That did the trick. After that they all relaxed and loved the more festive feel.

They were scared of getting in trouble. This was the only reason they stuck to that rule.

This incident made me realise that just because someone has the appearance of a free-spirit, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are. And also perhaps it’s true what they say about ‘the quiet ones’!

Pondering this further, I’ve dug deep to identify five key traits of a Free Spirit:

1. Desire for freedom – a genuine desire for freedom – no matter what.

When I was a kid, I remember being read the story of a lion in a cage. When he was finally set free – he was too scared to leave. This, I see is how many of us are. We would rather stay where we are than take the scary step outside our comfort zone. My experience tells me that whenever I make that leap, I experience a new sense of freedom.

2. Makes Own Decisions - Likes to make their own decisions. Doesn’t like being told what to do.

3. Open-minded, Creative Thinker - Gets uncomfortable being confined to a certain way of doing things. Has a good imagination. They are also open-minded and willing to look into other perspectives. They will evaluate alternative ideas and are open to changing their mind or revising their opinion when new information, knowledge or experience presents itself.

4. Questions Authority – asks questions – this is not the text-book ‘rule breaker’ or ‘rebel’ who is almost following a rule book for that role! And this isn’t someone who breaks the rules for the sake of it. They neither blindly follow the rules either. They question the reasons why. They will not follow a rule if it crosses a moral boundary or is against their values. “I was only following orders” is not in their vocabulary.

5. Brave – they are willing to take a risk; to put it all on the line to follow their truth. I spoke to a friend recently who has just returned from travelling around America in an RV. He’s now sold his flat in England and decided to move to Wyoming to start a new life. He’s going alone. I felt in awe of how brave he was.

I can certainly fall down on the bravery part. In fact, there are many barriers to my ‘free-spiritedness’. The one I have been most plagued with is ‘people-pleasing’. Such was my desire to make others happy, or gain their approval, I created a horrific prison around me. I have worked on this a lot over the years, however, it’s one I still have to watch.

Are you a free spirit?

If you would like to tap into your free-spiritedness; If you wish you could be brave and take risks in alignment with your highest calling or if you have created your own 'mini prison' that stops you living your best life or being the best version of yourself. I can help. Join me on the Sacred Healer training to raise your vibration and embrace your inner free-spirit.

Book in a call or get in touch to discuss how this could work for you. Tel: 07512 347498 / email: sam@infinitlove.uk

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