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7 Day Sacred Quest - 'Go Within'

Some days it can feel like there are a lot of loud voices out there shouting at us to do this or do that. We hear experts say ‘this is right’ and scientists say ‘that is the way’ and the news tells us the latest thing we need to be scared of.

Sometimes the external loudness is in the form of a look, gesture or facial expression – but it still registers. Parents, family, colleagues, friends and even strangers all have their opinions of our lives and what we ‘should’ be doing.

When it comes to making daily choices and decisions – major or more mundane - how can we work our way through all this information? And dis-information. Mis-information. Information claiming other information is dis-information. Too much information! It’s mighty overwhelming. How do we discern the difference? How do we know what’s truth?

Sometimes, there really is only one answer – ‘Go within’. Sometimes we have to cut off all the external voices and just drop inside our hearts. I believe we each have access to a vast well of deep wisdom, one far beyond anything our conscious minds can comprehend.

Yes it’s important to educate ourselves, do our research from different sources, gain insight into different perspectives, ask opinions, review the expert’s reports but ultimately we need to then align with our own truth. Especially before making decisions that affect us. Especially when dealing with what is coming up in front of us in our lives each day.

‘All the answers are within’.

We are the experts on what’s right for us. We just need to be able to tap into it. The clarity and sense of deep knowing that occurs when the wise answers come is priceless.

Seven Day Sacred Quest

So my invitation to you today is to join me on a Sacred Quest for the next 7 days. Switch off the TV. Don’t read the news. Come off social media. Ignore other’s opinions.

Seven days. No media. No external noise.

Instead spend 7 minutes every morning and evening in gentle meditation. Silently ask what do I most need to know right now? What is true for me? What message do you have for me today? And then let the questions go. Allow them to float off into the ether.

Stay with the silence and your breath, play some soft music if you wish and just drop within.

7 minutes, 7 days.

Good luck on your quest. See you on the other side 7 days from now.

If you'd like to take time out and 'go within' - join me on at the next Sacred Sunday Monthly meditation or give yourself the gift of a year's soulful exploration and healing by joining my Sacred Healer training.

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