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A Tribute to Estelle

I met Estelle after she died.

She had a profound and moving effect on me.

It probably sounds really strange for me to say I’ve met someone after they’ve passed away. However, this is a normal part of my daily life. My work involves creating beautiful funeral ceremonies for people and so I ‘meet’ them through the eyes of their loved ones. I ask questions about them and learn their story and get to know them that way.

This is how I was introduced to Estelle Cranfield. When the funeral director rang me and described Estelle and her husband’s beliefs and values, I smiled as we shared a lot of ideas and views in common.

Meeting her husband Tim, I found he was a kind and lovely man. He talked about the special connection and relationship he and Estelle had. Then he told me about her 300,000 followers on YouTube and how she worked tirelessly to uplift them. She loved what she did and was always there for others.

He suggested I take a look at some of her videos. I loved them and watched one after another. It made me feel like I knew her. I remember thinking how brave she was to go public with her readings and messages. I walk in nature regularly and love connecting to the symbolism of the natural world and interpreting the messages from Nature. I used to share these with friends and some clients at my meditation classes but never thought I would have the nerve to go public. Yet seeing Estelle’s videos planted a seed……

Estelle’s funeral was very moving and special. Afterwards, I continued to watch her videos. I’d ask her questions, pick a video at random and she always had the answer! It was so inspiring.

Her work gave me the idea to maybe take the chance and start putting my Nature Messages on YouTube. My courage failed me several times. I then decided to ask Estelle. I picked a video at random. ‘Go for it!’ she enthused from the screen. I was inspired, motivated and carried by her excitement.

That’s when I started my ‘Messages from Nature’ channel.

What I didn’t realise is that most of her fans hadn’t heard the news that she had died. Somehow one or two of her followers saw one of my videos where I mention ‘the late’ Estelle as my inspiration. I started to get emails asking what had happened. When I replied with the sad news, Estelle’s followers were genuinely devastated and saddened. They had lost a dear friend and mentor.

So I approached Tim (her husband) and asked permission to share some of the eulogy read at Estelle’s funeral. I thought it might give some comfort and closure to those who adored and followed her. He told me that he still feels Estelle is very much with him and that they both gave their blessing.

This video is that tribute. If you would like to share any messages of thanks for Estelle or condolences to her family, please comment below and I will make sure they get passed on.

Be gentle with yourselves and take care for now.

Sam x

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