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An uncomfortable conversation I don’t wanna have...

My musings this week have been triggered by something a friend said to me on Monday… I was bemoaning the state of the world when he reminded me that the real work is not ‘out there’ – it’s always internal. If we address what’s coming up right in front of us then this directly effects the external world. We can’t control what’s going on ‘out there’ but we can work on our own thoughts and actions. There is always something that we are being guided to face, change or address. For me, I’ve been toying with whether to have an awkward conversation with an old friend. Again my wise friend said to me, ‘if there’s an uncomfortable conversation I don’t wanna have, it usually means I have to have it!”

Mmm, not really what I wanted to hear. However I believe that my higher self sometimes uses the mouths of others to speak to me. And this resonated. So I know what I need to do.

Wise friend went on to say if everyone in the world, all of us dealt with our ‘stuff’, had the uncomfortable conversations, looked at our flaws and resolved our traumas and unhealthy patterns then all the external crises and trauma in the world would disappear. This may be a bit metaphysical for some however I feel it to be true. This is the sacred work. When each of us stops and changes, when we raise our self-awareness and our consciousness, this radiates out into the ether and affects the people around us. It lays down a blueprint in the collective consciousness making it easier for others to resolve their issues.

When everyone does their ‘shadow work’, the big three: famine, war and disease will then also disappear. They cannot exist in an environment where we’ve made the unconscious conscious, shone a light on it and healed. Earth is a classroom and we’re here to learn our lessons. Not bury them under the carpet and hope the problems go away.

What do the inner versions of the big three look like?

Famine: Are we holding on to any ‘lack consciousness’? This could manifest as fears of not enough, not enough time or money or resources, not being good enough. Not tall enough, short enough, thin enough, pretty enough. Can we stand naked in the mirror and authentically say ‘I am enough’

War: Where are we at war with ourselves? Who are we wishing dead? Who do we hate? (This could be a celebrity or (probably) a politician). They are acting as a mirror to us. What are they trying to show us that we need to resolve. If they’re a hypocrite – where in our own lives are we being hypocritical? If they are shaming and unkind – where in our lives are we being shaming and unkind? Can we tap into unconditional love for ourselves and others?

Disease: How are we treating our bodies? What are ailments telling us? Where are we out of balance, mentally, emotionally or physically? Are we handing our power over to an external authority rather than taking responsibility for our own healing? Do we want to just take a pill and avoid changing our way of life? Or are we prepared to make the necessary changes (food, lifestyle, relationships) to heal ourselves?

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg and this sacred work goes deep.

How can you tell what you need to shine a light on and work through next?

I find whatever’s irritating me in others, pressing my buttons or triggering me in some way is a good place to start. Journal it out. Discuss it with a wise confidant and then put your ego aside and say or do what needs to be done. This will change the world.

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