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Corona Virus – A Rude Awakening

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

A few months before COVID 19 hit, I’d committed to walking in nature alone for at least an hour, at least once a week. So whatever the weather, early every Sunday morning I would stroll across the open countryside near me.

“Mother Earth soon started whispering to me.”

My commitment was to listen, watch and connect with nature. And Mother Earth soon started whispering to me. I had this deep realisation that all the problems in the world could be solved if only we could bring the sacred back into our society. Mother Earth told me I must help.

Anyone reading this will no doubt, already know that the blessed, beautiful Divine is inherent in everything – in every man, woman, child, rock and flower…. However this is not honoured, recognised or accepted in our society. It has been suppressed, dismissed and discarded to the great detriment of all life on this planet.

On my walks, I held, in my mind, the question ‘How do I help?’ The message I received was: ‘you need to ‘up’ the sacred in your life first’. This felt a bit disappointing! Although I’ve been on a spiritual path for some years now, it was clear that I had to look at the ways I was supressing, dismissing and discarding the Divine in my life. Was I allowing time with God? Where was my devotion lacking?

We all use distractions and addictions to avoid our sacred inner work – whether consciously or unconsciously. Mine have come in various guises over my lifetime. At this particular time, I knew busy-ness and workaholism were my ongoing challenges. And fear. Fear of financial insecurity. Fear of losing what I have.

They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear, and a spiritual teacher I’d been following online kept appearing in my dreams. I took this as a missive from Universe, and humbly asked this sacred teacher if I could work with him. He agreed.

I started to make small changes, I told myself I was willing to let go of everything for this. But my old patterns began creeping back, I’d procrastinate, I held back.

“And then the lockdown hit… FEAR arrived in glorious technicolour”

And then the lockdown hit… FEAR arrived in glorious technicolour as my wonderful imagination took me to a desperate and desolate life with all my loved ones gone. I was an outsider in a dystopian society. No material possessions. No work. Nothing I loved was left. It was all gone.

I fell off the ledge.

And dropped deep into an inner turmoil.

In an imagining of losing everything, I let go completely..

And what I found is that all I had left was God.

The Divine. The Goddess. The Great Mystery was there for me.

But more importantly I fully appreciated in that moment that my life is not my own. My life belongs to God and there was this deep calling to serve, to do the sacred work and bring it to others.

We are all here on a Great Mission.

We are all here on a Great Mission. Every being on this Earth has a sacred purpose. A mission from the Divine. The only way to tap into our mission is to do the inner work, to listen for guidance from above and to follow the path laid down in our hearts.

Now the Great Spirit didn’t (unfortunately) at that point decide to send down a map and a list of instructions fully laid out. Instead, as those of us on the path know, we have to follow the trail of clues provided by our intuitive knowing. We have to choose in every moment and in every decision – does this take me a step towards the Divine or a step away?

The gift of this experience was Deep Faith.

A life evaluation followed. There have been several significant points in my life when I have shifted tracks. When a moving train is chuntering along a particular track, simply pulling a lever, can make it shoot off in a different direction. Well God pulled my lever.

At the time I was supposed to be buying a business, I was supposed to be moving forward in so many directions. Well not now. Not according to my Higher Power. The urge to simplify my life, the need to contemplate, the need to stay on this new track and not just pick up the old one at a different station was profound.

Devotion to the Divine and the sacred path requires a new ninja level of self-awareness! There are no excuses anymore. Those who travel this journey with me know, we are completely unaccountable. It’s impossible to un-know what we now know. The payoff? Faith over Fear. Clarity over confusion and true life purpose.

Have you experienced a ‘rude awakening’ during the pandemic? Or at another significant time in your life? What happened? How did you respond? What are your insights? I’d love to know; please comment and share below.

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