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Coronavirus – A Sacred Invitation

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Is coronavirus a sacred call to humanity?

(Yes and here are three ways to answer that call).

People have each experienced the ‘pandemic’ differently. No-one’s circumstances have been completely alike. Some have worked throughout, others have had paid time off, others have lost their livelihood and businesses. Some haven’t seen their loved ones in weeks. Some haven’t hugged their grandchildren. Some were prevented from being by their loved one’s bedsides to say a final goodbye. And there are many, many more variations.

I saw one ‘meme’ that said ‘we are not all in the same boat, but we’re all in the same storm’

True. And there has been a key signature in the storm that has touched almost every person – fear. Whether its fear of the virus, fear around loss of livelihood, fear at loss of human rights, fear we won’t see our loved ones again, fear our lives will change for the worse or that we will lose our lives.

Huge fear and panic and confusion. When I saw all the people around me triggered and traumatised. It struck me; this is a spiritual emergency.

When individuals experience collapse and trauma in their life, it can trigger the most powerful spiritual shift. In fact, many spiritual teachers are calling this time the ‘Great Awakening’.

The good news is that ‘there is gold in the dark’. In the darkness and fear is a great opportunity to ‘wake up’. But what exactly are we being called to awaken to?

Three Sacred themes have occurred to me.

This is an invitation to humanity to awaken to:

1. Truth – we are being invited to question what we know; look at our society with 2020 vision, to see the lies and the cover-ups both in the external world and internally. (Especially internally, what are the shadowy, negative parts of ourselves, which of our negative behaviours do we need to acknowledge and change)

How can we know truth? We have to be prepared to see it and let it reveal itself to us no matter how uncomfortable or shocking it may be.

A simple method I practice is a prayer to be shown the truth:

This can be a general prayer ‘Dear God, Great Spirit, Divine Mother/Father, Higher Power, Higher Self – (choose whichever resonates with you) please show me the truth, uncover what I cannot see and most need to see, please show me the way’

Alternatively, you can insert a specific situation

‘Dear God, Great Spirit, Divine Mother/Father, Higher Power, Higher Self – please show me the truth about [SITUATION ], uncover what I cannot see and most need to see, please show me the way’

This prayer needs to be sincerely said and there has to be a willingness to really know, a surrender. Denial is a protection mechanism. Seeing, hearing and knowing the truth takes courage. It comes with a warning:

- We may not be the same afterwards

- We may feel disappointed, uncomfortable, ashamed, upset, betrayed or shocked by what we discover

- It may mean we have to re-evaluate everything we thought we knew

2. Connection to Divine Will

Interestingly Corona means ‘crown’ and we link to the Divine directly through our crown chakra. This is an invitation to work on our connection to God (Great Mystery / Source / Higher Power / Great Spirit). In doing so, we choose Faith over Fear. We allow Divine guidance to show us the way and the next steps to take.

The Corona / ‘Crown’ is also linked to sovereignty. Sovereignty is a big subject however, it encompasses our sovereign rights as human beings over our choices, our movement, our worship and our bodies. In summary our freedoms. We are being invited to look truthfully at how we are using our free will. The question to ask ourselves daily:

‘Is this [what I’m doing, thinking or saying] in alignment with Divine Will?’

Or ‘is this [what I’m doing, thinking or saying] for the highest good of all?’

3. Unity

The corona virus crisis has been very divisive. People have opposing views. I’ve seen this cause arguments and fall-outs in friend’s lives. I’ve had a few arguments with loved ones myself! The media seem to thrive on hyping people up and antagonising us to act against each other.

In the midst of this challenge, the Divine is calling us towards Unity. Can we still join together in the knowledge that we are all one even if we disagree with each other’s views? Can we still respect each other? Can we still love each other? Can we still help each other?

To have any chance at doing so, we have to keep our hearts open.

Sadly, corona virus guidelines for safety are practical measures which close down the Heart Chakra. No hugging, see everyone as a disease threat, stay away from each other, wearing masks. I’m not saying that you should or shouldn’t do those things – do what you feel is right. What I am saying is that these measures could, and from what I’ve witnessed are, closing down hearts. This is the great challenge. We are being called to work on keeping our heart chakra open. We are being called to act with compassion, kindness and unconditional love. If we can’t show that in the normal ways, we are being called to find innovative ways to share that heart connection.

One of my practices at unity and keeping my heart open is to send unconditional love to those people I don’t agree with. (Admittedly sometimes through gritted teeth!).

Earth is a classroom and we are presented with opportunities every day to reach for unity and open our hearts. Every small act has a huge ripple effect. We change the world by choosing the heart in each step we take.

Have you received a sacred invitation during the coronavirus? What are your insights? I’d love to know; please comment and share below.

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