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Create your Dream Life

For many years, I have been a follower of Law of Attraction . Early on I dabbled with some of the techniques and it turns out I am a Master Manifester! Now you might be thinking this sounds great. However, I soon discovered that although the Universe often sent me exactly what I asked for, it wasn’t always what I needed or indeed, really wanted. For example, a few years ago, despite not being a project manager, I somehow found myself appointed to manage my ‘dream project’ at work. I started this work fired up with passion and enthusiasm. That project turned out to be rather less ‘dreamy’ and much more ‘nightmarey’ than I’d imagined!! I’ll be sharing some more of my disastrous manifestations (and how you can best avoid them in your life) at the virtual Winter Retreat in January.

Fortunately, I have since discovered where I’ve been ‘going wrong’ and refined what I now call ‘my co-creation technique’. This has allowed me to lead an increasingly magical life which has accelerated in the last 7 years. I would love everyone to be able to live like this if they wish to!

Working with Danielle La Porte’s Desire Mapping tool was the first indicator of where I had been skewing my manifestations. Her technique starts with our desired feelings. Focusing on these allows the relationships, health, work, and life circumstances that will cause these feelings to start to appear in our lives. I’ve found this works much better than the other way round – I previously kept falling down by visualising the relationships, health, work, and life circumstances that I thought would make me feel the way I wanted to feel.

In more recent years, I’ve been connecting much more deeply to my soul calling and service to Mother Earth. This has added a 5th dimension to my manifestations. Aligning to my higher self and the highest good for all, has taken my life creation in a profound direction. It has conjured up dreams I didn’t even know I had and given me such a sense of purpose that it’s beyond my wildest imaginings.

If you’d like to learn my magical co-creation techniques, join me on my virtual Winter Retreat

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