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Hand It Over

What do we do when we have an ‘unsolvable problem’? Or an issue so huge that it seems insurmountable? What do we do when we know we have to do something but we just don’t know what or where to start?

When problems are affecting us, there is a temptation to keep focusing on them, worrying about them and talking about them. We might turn them over and over in our minds. We may lose sleep about them, we can feel stressed and increasingly, we can feel there is just no way out.

If only someone could tell us exactly what to do (with the promise of the perfect outcome). Perhaps we have been consulting ‘experts’ and yet the issue is still there. Perhaps we’ve taken advice from wise friends and the problem is as persistent as ever.

We can feel in angst and stuck in a hellish limbo. My go-to method in these circumstances is to over-analyse it and take a look from every angle trying to anticipate every move and counter-move. This is a very stressful process! And at the end of it I feel more stuck than ever, weighed down with even more knowledge of what could go wrong if I did this or that.

I’ve been reading a book recently which recommends taking our focus off these problems, allowing them to appear fuzzy and indeterminate. It’s reminded me that when we hold on to these issues so tightly, we draw them closer to us and we recreate the energy of being ‘in the problem’.

So how do we take our focus off? And what exactly is that going to achieve.

In recovery circles they say ‘Let Go and Let God’.

This is where we hand our problem over to a Higher Power and ask them to sort it out. We admit we need help and have no clue what to do. Then we keep practicing ‘letting go’. So we trust that it’s being sorted out by a wisdom far greater than our own, and we will be shown the way through. The answer will come.

There are different methods to assist this ‘handing over’ process; these are two simple ones I have used.

1. Prayer. We say a prayer aloud or silently, explaining what we need help with, asking for that help and then I visualise actually passing it across to a big golden light to deal with. It might help to visualise the issue written on a scroll or wrapped in a box and we just push it across the table to the ‘All That is’ to figure out.

2. The ‘God Box’. Have a special box with a lid or that fastens shut. Write our problem out on to a piece of paper, ask for help and then fold the paper and ‘post it’ into the God box. Close the lid and leave it there trusting that God, Spirit, wise ancestors, angels – whatever works for you - will work it out.

Then just live your life and wait for the answer to drop into your awareness. The temptation to pick up the problem – by worrying about it, thinking about it or talking about it – may well arise, and more than once. Each time interrupt yourself and remind yourself that someone else is working on it. Your job is to leave it alone. Trust its being dealt with.

My experience is the greater the letting go, the faster the answer comes.

Would you like help solving an unsolvable problem? Work with me to create a handing over ceremony and meditation.

Book in a call or get in touch to discuss how this might work for you. Tel: 07512 347498 / email: sam@infinitlove.uk

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