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How to Tap into ‘Unseen Help’

Back in the summer I was working at my desk and I had a situation with a Bumble Bee. The little fella had flown into my home office and was battering himself against the window. He was clearly struggling to find the opening by which he came in. I pulled up the blind, opened the window wide and was trying to waft him out. He kept flying backwards and forwards, and annoyingly, straight into the closed section of the window.

He was buzzing furiously, getting exhausted, settling for a moment and then flying up and doing it all over again. I decided more action was called for. So I went to get a large glass and some cardboard with the intent of safely letting him outside.

What followed was a ’Tom and Jerry’ style dance as I tried to get him gently into the glass. Of course, he was avoiding my intervention at all costs! I ended up shouting at him ‘I’m trying to HELP you!’

Finally I placed the glass safely over the top of him, slipped the card underneath it, and carried him over to the open window. Leaning out as far as I could, I pulled off the card and he flew blissfully away.

Pondering on this incident, I thought ’if only the bumble bee had known I was trying to help. If only he had trusted that he was safe with me’. And it occurred to me, this must be how our ‘unseen guides’ feel at times. I wonder if they see us metaphorically bashing ourselves against the closed window over and over again and are shaking their heads at our sorry state.

Whether its angels, spirit guides, ascended masters or ancestors, or a combination of all these characters, I believe we are all looked after and watched over in different ways. Just like I could see a broader view than the bumble bee and knew exactly what he needed to do and where he needed to go to solve his problem, our guides have a wider vision on our life problems. Universal Law however requires that we ASK for help. They can’t just intervene like I did with the bumble bee.

Once we send out a plea, they often send us signs, ‘nudges from above’ and messages to tell us how we might help ourselves. Its then up to us to pay attention to the signs and take appropriate action. Our guides will increase their hints and nudges and these messages will get louder and louder until we take notice.

I remember a few years ago, my sister was working ridiculously long hours, well into the night each week-day and sneaking into the office on weekends ‘to catch up’. She was worn out and really unhappy. Her guides started using the people around her as mouth-pieces. ‘You must slow down’ cautioned her partner. I soon joined him suggesting she cut back. My mum and brother were soon all saying similar. My sister acknowledged this was true but didn’t change her behaviour. Instead she kept running faster and faster on that work ‘hamster wheel’.

Then one weekend, she was driving home from a visit with my mum and she drove straight into a STOP sign! Her brakes had failed and she couldn’t stop. She was ok – and walked out unscathed but somewhat shocked. She finally got the message and eased back at work.

So how can we best tap into the unseen help we’re surrounded by?

These are my five top tips:

1. Ask for help – send up a prayer or silent plea, and be specific about what you need or want help with

2. Look out for the signs – these can come in many forms; some examples include:

  • Things people around you say (look out for repetitive messages)

  • Synchronistic signs – for example just as you’re thinking about your problem, you turn on the radio and a song is playing or you see an advertising billboard with a message that seems to be the perfect answer.

  • You’re offered an opportunity to take part in something unexpected

  • You have a prophetic dream

3. Don’t force it – trust the answer will come. Avoid looking for messages that aren’t there!

4. Accept the help when it arrives. After the 'STOP sign' crash, my sister did change her work patterns, if she hadn’t I think her health might have been next.

5. Say thank you. Send up a silent prayer of gratitude when you do get help. This will open the doors to more assistance in future.

Have you ever had a profound experience due to ‘unseen help’? I’d love to hear your stories.

Meditation is another method of connecting with your unseen guides, join me in my free monthly Sacred Sunday meditation sessions and see what messages they send you.

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