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Joy as an Act of Defiance!

Hello Sacred Travellers,

This museletter was inspired by a wonderful quote from Danielle LaPorte (in full below). We are facing a major planetary transition and we have the power to take the world in a positive new direction. I truly believe that we are all master manifesters and it is the collective’s thoughts and feelings which create the world we live in.

I’ve trained with Mike Dooley from The Secret - his mantra is ‘thoughts become things’; and with Danielle La Porte who teaches us to tap into our ‘core desired feelings’. Having used both their techniques, it is my personal experience that it works every time. The last few years, I’ve worked with great spiritual mentors who have shown me how connecting with my higher self and higher guidance takes co-creation up to a level that is beyond magical. This is when our creations start positively radiating out and changing other’s worlds for the better too.

Those of you reading this are all, in my opinion, frequency holders (or you wouldn’t even be here!) So we have an even greater responsibility to use our manifesting powers for good. So let’s do it!


If thoughts become things, then what we think about and what we focus on will appear in the 3D world around us. So we must be vigilant with our thinking. Are we worrying about a problem? Or are we seeing the solution? We can keep our minds on the positive outcome, using our preferred technique - visualise it, write it down, draw it, or even sing it! Then we revisit it periodically and get excited about it, imagining it has already happened.


If we focus on our core desired feelings, then the external world starts to change to align with how we’re feeling. So in this technique, we choose how we want to feel and write it down (Examples are joyful, abundant, vibrant, full of vitality). We then do little things that bring about those feeling states. (Paint, sing, donate to charity, dance round the bedroom singing into our hairbrushes!).

Higher Guidance

One of the ways higher guidance arrives is through our intuition. We’re sent subtle messages about where we should be, what we should say, where we should go. In my experience, these outweigh everything else! Recently I got this feeling I needed to be in Glastonbury for the Solstice. I knew I had to be there. My brother was thinking of coming too but meditated on it and got guidance not to go. His guidance was right for him. (It turns out he was needed elsewhere in a way he’d never anticipated).

My experience on the Tor was profound, special and enlightening. I returned radiating joy.

The trick is to focus on these positive thoughts and desired feelings, on the solutions and outcomes and listen to our inner guidance despite what the current world is throwing at us. Positive stories are not something we see much of in the news and good feelings are not evoked by the media. Did you ever watch the news and say ‘oh I feel much better now!’?

So switch it off. Defy the fear. Defy the darkness.

Listen to your gut and, bring on the joy!

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