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Messages From Nature

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

I started to (consciously) get ‘messages from nature’ more than 10 years ago when I was training to be an energy healer in beautiful, rural Somerset. We were told to hold a question in our minds and go and look for the answers in nature. I went on a long walk into the countryside and was so excited to discover how the land spoke to me.

Walking alone in nature has been a regular spiritual practice of mine ever since. I have used this technique to get guidance on problems in my life and to help me make decisions. The land has also spontaneously spoken to me to encourage me, to send me warnings or redirect me when I’ve gone off track in life.

The messages I’ve received have never been wrong! They have always brought me great wisdom and insight about situations. I haven’t always wanted to hear them though!

What I found on these mystical walks was that I would see an animal or plant or flower and get an inspirational ‘download’ – all these ideas, feelings and sensations would just flood in from nowhere. When I first started doing this, the moment I got home, I would check online what the symbolic meaning of a plant or animal I’d seen was. Often the messages that had come through to me matched some of the traditional symbolic meanings and that felt so magical. However, they didn’t always match. And I learned that this didn’t matter as it was the nuanced messages coming through my intuition that were more important. They had more bearing on my life and the situations in the real world.

I started to realise I had a bit of talent for this however, sometimes I would get a very clear message and just know it wasn’t for me. Recently, I was inspired by a beautiful soul, the late Estelle Cranfield, to start sharing the messages that I didn’t feel were specific to me as someone out there might need to hear them! It also prompted me to proactively start taking nature walks asking for general messages for the week rather than personal ones. So this is my first ‘Messages from Nature’ featuring a magnificent heron and a beautiful pair of cygnets.

It might be just what you need to hear today – if not, maybe someone you know will pop into your head while watching and perhaps its for them.; so please share it and pass it on..

Using your intuition is key on these personal journeys into nature. If you need help Amplifying your Intuition, then you can sign up for the free ‘Amplify your Intuition’ course on my website

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