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No Social Media made me more sociable… and 6 other insights from my week without it

Seven Day Sacred Quest Report

Feeling overwhelmed with the sound of outside ‘noise’ and contradictory opinions, as well as disappointment in some commentators I follow online; I decided to take 7 days out. No social media, no news. Instead I'd ‘go within’ to reconnect with my own truth.

Thursday 21st January 7pm – start

Thursday 21st January 7.37pm - I already feel that ‘pull’ to just go and check Facebook or Instagram!!

So this urge cropped up a few times and made me realise just how often I get pulled into social media sites and how unconscious that is. Looks like I need to set some boundaries.

What else did I learn?

Time stealer. Not hugely surprising! But the scope is greater than I thought. By the end of day one, I’ve realised that I go to FaceBook, Instagram and now Telegram channels far more often than I was conscious of. When I’m bored, stuck with something I’m working on or just because I can. And I wouldn’t even call myself a big social media user! I don’t post of comment that often compared to others. But it clearly takes up more of my time than I realise.

Unacknowledged feelings. By day two, feelings are coming up. I’m spending an additional 7 minutes morning and evening meditating and asking to be shown what is for my highest good each day. Without the easy social media distraction, I get the opportunity to dive more deeply into the feelings and explore what’s underneath. This helps me move through and process them. Clearly, forays into Facebook and Instagram have been preventing this. How many feelings end up buried and avoided?

My head feels quieter. It feels like a relief not to have to look at social media or the news. I also haven’t been triggered into anger, irritation or frustration by seeing any posts I don’t agree with!

Grounded. I feel more grounded. I notice that usually there is this sense of juggling and skipping from point to point when I’m using social media and checking news channels. Without that I feel more together and rooted in the Earth.

More sociable. Without the pull of ‘just checking’ and scrolling through my phone, I find myself wanting to reach out to 'real people' in 'real life'. I leave my brother a voice message. I phone my friend.

The news still seeps in… I’m hearing things are going on and it makes me want to go and check for myself. I feel a little agitated that I can’t.

FOMO – I start to feel like maybe I’m missing out. Maybe things are happening that I’ve fallen behind on. When I return to social media, I have hundreds of notifications – clearly I’ve missed a lot.

So I log in and start scrolling… guess what? I’ve missed absolutely nothing!

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