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Sacred Sunday Meditation –April 2021

Sacred Sunday

Meditation - April 11th at 7pm

“True power comes from standing in your

own Truth and walking your own path.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

The last year has been a testing one for many of us for a whole variety of reasons. Disappointments, dashed hopes, broken dreams and huge change have called for resilience. We have also been asked to make decisions and to live our lives very differently. There are many different viewpoints about what is best. Only we know what is best for us. Others may have certain expectations of what we should do or say or decide. We have to tap into our own knowing and then stand in our power comfortable with our choices even if others disagree. And we also need to respect others choices as right for them. Our Sunday meditation will be deeply centering and grounding, connecting to our deepest truth and giving us the strength to walk our own path.

Prayers & Healing

We will also say prayers for all our loved ones, those living and those passed and we will send healing to Mother Earth at this transitional time.

I invite you to bring the gift of your unique presence to the session.


The sessions are on a ‘donation only’ basis, there is no obligation to pay however, I use any funds received to help someone in need. I never know how exactly that help will manifest or who will come to me in need but the universe does let me know and we've already helped people and shared some love.

With that said the recommended donation is £5 per session.

Recommended donation of £5.00. (Gifting with love)

To get the best out of the session:

Please find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed

Wear some loose, comfortable clothing

Have somewhere very comfortable to sit and relax

Have a glass of water to hand

Mute your microphone during the guided meditation

Please aim to log in for 6.55pm, so we can start at 7pm

IMPORTANT: Avoid drinking any alcohol before this session (you can have plenty afterwards if you need it!!)

Meditation link

This one hour session will take place on Zoom:

Topic: Sacred Sunday Meditation

Time: April 11th 2021 START 07:00 PM London – FINISH 8.00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 868 3477 9369

Blissings and joy

Sam x

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