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The Healing Power of Nature

Lots of you have been in contact saying you’re interested in the ‘Nature Retreat’ as soon as its available. Last year, I’d planned for it to take place this Spring, however I didn’t anticipate all the retreat centres would be closed!

It seems that many people are craving the opportunity to get away from it all, to switch off from everything and immerse themselves in the peaceful countryside.

After the year we’ve had, this tonic is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but an absolute necessity. Our adrenal glands have been firing over and over again with fear, panic, overwhelm and confusion. After 12 months of this extreme stress, deep peace in a safe and quiet environment is the way to heal our minds, bodies and souls.

There are some beautiful retreat centres on my short list. Each one is surrounded by nature, offers wonderful walks, a space for us to meet and meditate plus cosy accommodation and food. So the ‘Re-connect with Nature’ retreat will now take place this summer. I need to book soon to get a chance at getting a date this year. So please let me know if you’d like to come.

‘the healing power of quiet time in Nature’

Meanwhile, I cannot emphasise enough the healing power of quiet time in Nature. My weekly practice is an early rise on Sunday mornings to walk alone on the South Downs. I go whatever the weather. Last week I was greeted by little flocks of snowdrops scattered in patches on the grass. The week before, wild ponies took my breath away as they grazed in the morning sunrise.

However, it is the deep breaths of fresh air, the sounds of birds singing and the sweeping countryside views that replenish me every time.

To get the most out of your nature walk, it’s important to leave your phone behind (or at least turn it off) and walk silently with presence. Take lots of pauses and gaze around drinking in the sights and sounds. With a regular practice, you’ll find a relationship builds between you and the Earth. You might sense that the plants, the birds and trees recognise you. Communication develops. An understanding unfolds. Mutual respect and appreciation occur. As mind and heart open, new consciousness arises. Deep realisation of truth and beauty begins.

If you would like to work with me to deepen your relationship with Nature, join me on the next Nature Retreat - Digital Detox

Or work with me on an ongoing basis on the Sacred Healer Path . This is an opportunity to work flexibly at your pace and to suit your diary. Transform your spiritual life and your material world. Give yourself the gift of healing and learn how to share this with others.

Monthly videos, worksheets and exercises plus regular tutorials with me every 6 to 8 weeks.

Get in touch and book a question and answer session or drop me an email sam@infinitelove.uk or give me a call 07512 347498 to arrange one.

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