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‘You’re here to unlearn everything you know’

‘You’re here to unlearn everything you know’

That’s how the first day of my two-year healing training began! I was quite glad our beautiful tutor was telling us why we were here as I wasn’t exactly sure why I’d signed up.

I’d just completed my 4 years homeopathy training – all undertaken while working full time in an office. I was also already a Reiki practitioner. I certainly didn’t want to take on another great commitment in my spare time. But when I picked up the Satvik energy training leaflet, I’d got that all too familiar intuitive feeling. ‘I meant to be doing this course’ it said.

I had enough on my plate as far as I was concerned. But the mysterious pull of the mystical force in this universe had me signing up and committing.

What that training did for me was life changing.

It helped me recognise the toxicity of some of my relationships, broke some harmful patterns, made me see the unhealthy relationship I had with alcohol and gave me the courage to become part-time in the corporate world and devote more time to my holistic health clients. It set me on a life changing path.

Oh – and as an aside, I learned a powerful new method of energy healing which I then was able to share with my clients.

The various techniques I learned on that training cleaned my physical body and energy field so that I became a clearer channel for my higher self. The heightened awareness made me see the limitations and sometimes damaging effects that certain situations, people and things in my life were having on me. Most importantly it showed me where I was self-sabotaging. It changed my world for the better.

My connection to my higher self was so strong by the end that what followed were numerous life changing decisions:

- I stopped drinking

- I started to set better boundaries with family and friends

- I cleared out toxic friendships

- I renegotiated toxic relationships with relatives so that they were on much healthier terms

- I pursued a further a year-long spiritual programme that focused on romantic relationships – (an area where I had some awful and repetitive and continually self-destructive patterns). I transformed my romantic life as a result

- I took my Spiritual Ministry training at the School of Conscious Co-Creation

- I left the corporate world completely to follow my vocation

Each time there was a fork in the road, I chose the path my soul wanted me to take. I put into practice everything I was learning (and unlearning). Often the soul path was risky or required commitment or investment and was always sprinkled with uncertainty. But I did it anyway.

Life got better, my soul’s messages got louder.

Over the years, I’ve worked with some superb spiritual teachers and gifted mentors; I’ve shared my techniques one on one with others and seen some amazing changes in their lives. The last two years, I kept getting a feeling I should be doing this work with people who are ready; who may then pass their gifts on too.

Last year, I sat down and devised the Sacred Healer Path full of everything that I’ve used in my own life, all that I’ve learned (and unlearned) to create a powerful training to:

- Heal relationships

- Bring abundance

- Break negative patterns

- Revitalise health

- And help raise the Earth’s frequency and work with others to take us into the new era

If you are ready to step into your transition archetype and get on with your soul work, then come talk to me. or drop me an email: sam@infinitelove.uk

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