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Whispers of the heart

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When a person is at aCrossroads the whole universe holds its breath”

Rik Mayall

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to the infinite love sacred path

As we enter into the realms of clarifying your sacred purpose, 

illuminating the blocks, the beliefs and your unique skills and gifts 

we embark on a powerful path of healing in preparation for sharing your

sacred offerings in a holistic, healthy and harmonious way.


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Discover your true purpose in life; come home to who you truly are and live the life you were meant to lead

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Embark on this life changing path; learn sacred theology, discover your true ministry and serve others and the Earth; a path of service and self-discovery

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Step into your power as a Sacred Celebrant creating magical  sacred rites of passage ceremonies

“The Universe is whispering in your ear, you just need to learn how toListen

Tara Brach

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Our materialistic society would have us believe we are nothing.

Just a small insignificant speck on a meaningless rock spinning through Space.

This is NOT TRUE! 

Each and every man, woman and child is precious, valuable and sacred.

The Great Spirit knows you intimately and is always gently calling you. 

We are all here on a Sacred Mission. 

The problem is, on arrival to the Earth plane, we go through the ‘forgetting’.

We forget who we are, why we’ve come and what we’re here to do.

Sometimes we feel lost. We reach for what society or perhaps our parents dictate we should be doing. We can get very busy fulfilling various life goals.

But when we stop or reach a crossroads in life, we can feel empty and lost again.

We might even wonder what everything we’ve worked so hard for or focused on was really for.

A small voice inside us insists there is more to life than this.


That voice is right. There is a point. There is a purpose. You are here for a reason.

Join me on this journey to

Discover Your Sacred Purpose

This course is ideal if you:

  • Have reached a crossroads in life

  • Are wishing you knew what to do with your life

  • Have an inkling of where you should be going but have some doubts

  • Feel life has lost its magic, perhaps it even feels stale and uninspiring

  • Know there is more to your life and things need to change but you don’t know where to start

  • Have achieved what you thought you wanted in life but something is still missing….

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Overview of what you'll learn 

(click on the steps for more info)

​ STEP 1

Remembering who you are


 Living in Truth


Letting Go of what no Longer Serves You


Tapping into Your Soul Desires


Stepping courageously into your

Sacred Purpose

Price: £295.00

***Questions? Email Sam ***



On completing the Infinite Love Sacred Purpose course, those wishing to go on to

deeper personal development or become an ordained Infinite Love Sacred celebrant 

are invited to join me on the path of 



The time that My journey takes is long and the way of it long. I came out on the chariot of the first gleam of light, and pursued my voyage through the wildernesses of worlds leaving my track on many aStar and planet

Rabindranath Tagore

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The powerful and transformational Sacred Ministry Course is for

those ready for deep personal development

and seeking to become a Sacred Minister & Celebrant.

A vocational path centering on healing oneself, helping others and

celebrating sacred rites of passage.

During this training we will explore the metaphysical and philosophical foundations of what it means

to be a Sacred Minister and Celebrant. Working through our challenges and triggers before serving our communities gives us greater empathy and deep wisdom.

We will uncover the sacred alchemy of ritual and ceremony and the power

of using these tools for the highest good.


We will explore each of the sacred ceremonies

in depth and look at how we can best serve the people we are working with.

You will learn to:

  • create powerful Rituals and ceremonies to serve others and the Earth, 

  • work with your intuition in ceremony 

  • connect to your Divine Guidance during ceremony

  • understand and use the wisdom of the ancients as you bear witness to sacred rites of passage

  • create powerful co-creation ceremonies and sacred healing rituals

  • create sacred rites of passage ceremonies, including handfasting, weddings, baby blessings, funerals and house blessings 

  • During the course we will explore the teachings of the Hermetic tradition, indigenous wisdom, mysticism and Christian mysticism.


Full Course Syllabus

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Next enrollment dates:


6th SEPTEMBER - 31st October 2021



6th March - 30th April 2022



£225 per month

Course duration is 12 - 16 months

(depending which ceremony options

you choose)

Yes, I'd like to join

the Sacred Ministry!

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This training comprises weekly videos to watch

and exercises to work through at your own pace,

with monthly live tutorials booked at your convenicence.

The tutorial sessions are designed to support you, answer your questions and discuss insights. 

The course culminates in a series of practical modules where you will be asked to

create magical ceremonies using all the skills, knowledge and internal wisdom you have tapped into

during the Sacred Ministry training.


“MakeSpace in your Life for the inevitable arrival of

what you want”

Danielle La Porte

The Path to Sacred Minister:

The emphasis of this course is connecting to your Divine Guidance

and following the call to fulfil your life purpose by helping others.

Your commitment includes practical work to complete, handing in monthly assignments,

attending tutorial sessions on Zoom

and taking part in a rural Sacred Retreat in the UK.

***You will need to attend the final retreat in person.*** 

Following successful completion of  the Sacred MINISTRY COURSE,

you will become a Sacred Minister and Celebrant following the Infinite Love Sacred Path.




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